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Every aspect of Strata Focus has been built to address the unique needs of strata management.

Core Features

Core features are the foundation on which Strata Focus is built.

Strata Details

Easily track the basic information of each strata such as strata type, fiscal year end, whose on council (and their position), and the amount of your brokerage's agency fees for that strata.

Set up the strata fees for the strata based on unit entitlement, flat rate, or custom values for the operating assessment and contingency assessment.

There are also a number of printouts such as owners list, tenants list, council members, strata fees, AGM registration, and more.


Each lot has its own set of data which is easy to find and manage. Strata Focus enables you to record the lot number, unit number, unit entitlement, and who occupies the lot. Further, you can track who currently owns the lot, and also keep track of past owners.

You can specify if the lot is vacant, owner occupied, or tenant occupied. If there are tenants in the lot, it can specify when they moved in, whether they've completed a Form K, and when they moved out.

You can also assign parking stalls and storage lockers, indicating their assignment (by developer, by council, etc) and whether they are rented.

Form Fs and Form Bs can prepared right in Strata Focus and saved with the strata lot. Strata Focus will pull in much of the relevant data for these forms and auto-populate fields to make preparation of these forms exceedingly fast and simple.

Maintenance Schedules

Creating a maintenance schedule in Strata Focus is simple. Create a master list of 'Task Templates' and then create strata-specific maintenance tasks copied from the templates. The master vendor list accessible to all stratas, simply assign a vendor to each specific task.

You can build a week-by-week schedule for the whole year, assigning any number of tasks to any week or even multiple tasks to a single week. Easily adjust your schedule as needed, by adding or remove tasks, or moving them to be earlier or later in the year.

Print out the strata's maintenance schedule and distribute it to owners and council members. Now everyone in the strata can be confident that maintenance tasks are planned, and when they will occur.

Form Fs and Form Bs

Strata Focus makes generating Form Fs and Form Bs both easy and fast. You can create a form in a matter of minutes since most of the required information is already stored in Strata Focus. Strata Focus simply "pulls" the data in and populates most of the form for you. The completed forms are stored in Strata Focus so that you can print them or save them as a PDF.

These forms are always up to date with lateset versions of the forms, as found in the Strata Property Regulation.

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Full Features Coming Soon

The full feature set of Strata Focus builds on the Core Features, making Strata Focus your hub for all aspects of strata management.


Strata Focus brings true fund accounting to strata management, as required by the Strata Property Act. Further, Strata Focus makes your routine accounting tasks a breeze.

Track the Operating Fund and Contingency Fund receivables and payables. Generate financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, aged receivables and payables, and more. There is also a financial summary report which summarizes the financial position of the strata, across all funds, making it very simple for all owners to understand the financial strength of the strata.

In addition to the standard Operating Fund and Contingency Fund, you can create Special Levies to address special circumstances. Strata Focus will automatically generate the required invoices for each owner for the special levy, based on your requirements.

Because Strata Focus uses proper fund accounting, every Special Levy has its own set of financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, aged receivables and payables, etc.). There is also a Special Levy summary report which can outline the progress of the Special Levy.

Other features will include budgeting, automatic outstanding receivables emails, posting payables and printing cheques, batch invoice processing, and more.


Tickets are a general concept to keep track of just about anything that needs to be done — either internally or externally.

For example, if an owner calls to inform you of repairs needed on their lot, a ticket can be created to record all communication and activities carried out during the completion of those repairs. Another example might be an internal ticket where a team member must provide a report to the managing broker by a certain date. The team member can record all the activities they performed as they draft their report.

Tickets can be 'attached' to a specific strata lot, or a whole strata. This enables you to keep track of what activities have been completed for any lot or the strata as a whole. A ticket can be assigned to a team member, and comments added to the ticket as a timestamped activity log of that ticket. Pictures or files can be added to a ticket to enhance clarity of the issue or subject of the ticket.

At any point, even after it has bee marked complete, a ticket can be printed for presentation to either council, an owner, or anyone who needs further information. This enables you to easily communicate exactly what transpired for any specific task.

Service Issues

Sometimes you, a team member, or a vendor, will notice something at the strata that might need attention.

For example, perhaps an owner calls and informs your office staff that there are repairs needed to their front door. The office staff can create a Service Issue, recording all the information the owner provides. The strata manager can then review these service issues and decide if repairs should be carried out or not. Perhaps the strata manager knows that all doors will be replaced in the next month, so the service issue can be declined. Alternatively, if the strata manager approves of the Service Issue, a Ticket is automatically generated with all the same information contained within the Service Issue.

Much like tickets, you can add pictures or files to a Service Issue. You can also have a service issue connected to a specific lot or the whole strata.

Document Requests and More

Document Requests
A large part of managing a portfolio of stratas is handling the request for documentation such as Form Fs, Form Bs, minutes, and other strata specific documents. Strata Focus provides an online form that you can add to your website allowing anyone to submit requests directly to you.

When someone submits a request for documents, both you and the requester will receive an email notification of the details of the request. It makes the whole process easier, and faster, for everyone.

Team Management
Send invites to other team members from your office to join your Strata Focus team. Once registered, you can assign specific roles and permissions to each team member. Further, you can create 'Groups' with a specific set of permissions so that any team member you assign to that group automatically inherits the Group's permission set.

The Full package will be released soon. Features that make up the Full package may be released in stages, and not necessarily all at the same time.

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